Individual Race Winners

  1. Race participants will register for either the 50 km race or the 100 km race is only eligible for prizes in the race distance they enter.
  2. Prizes and trophy will be given to the first three male and female racers to complete the 50 km race or the 100 km race.
  3. All finishers are entitled to get a medal.

Prize 100km 50km
  Male Female Male Female
1st Cash: HKD15,000
Coupon: HKD10,000
Cash: HKD15,000
Coupon: HKD10,000
Coupon: HKD5,000 Coupon: HKD5,000
2nd Cash: HKD10,000
Coupon: HKD5,000
Cash: HKD10,000
Coupon: HKD5,000
Coupon: HKD3,000 Coupon: HKD3,000
3rd Cash: HKD5,000
Coupon: HKD3,000
Cash: HKD5,000
Coupon: HKD3,000
Coupon: HKD2,000 Coupon: HKD2,000

Remarks: Coupon refers to The North Face Store Coupon

Team Race Winners

  1. Participants may of their own volition form team of up to 5 members in the 100 km. A race participant can only join one team. Each team must have at least one female member.
  2. Team members do not have to stay together or race together to qualify for the team prize.
  3. Team rankings will be determined by the aggregate times of the three fastest team members (one of whom at least must be female) to finish the race.
  4. Trophies will be awarded to the three teams with the fastest aggregate times.

Prize 100km
1st Coupon: HKD10,000
2nd Coupon: HKD5,000
3rd Coupon: HKD3,000

Remarks: Coupon refers to The North Face Store Coupon