Race CourseRace Cut Offs

Race Cut Offs (Assuming a prompt 8 AM race start)

  1. Beginning with the second aid station participants will have to pass through the aid stations prior to pre-posted cut off times. For most of the course, the cut off time works out to a pace of approximately 4 km per hour between each aid station. For a couple of the more challenging sections, a slower pace has been factored in to the cut off time.
  2. All 100 km race participants who have not passed through aid station four before 6 PM (ten hours into the race following an 8 AM start) will be cut off from continuing the 100 km race, but may choose to complete the 50 km race instead. An eleven-hour cut off time for both 50 km and 100 km race participants will still be enforced at aid station four.

Cut Off Time

100km: 27 hours for 100km (11 AM on December 15)
50km: 16 hours for 50km (Midnight on December 15)

Aid Station Distance 100 km race cut off time 50 km race cut off time
1 6.6 km
2 18.9 km 1300 1300
3 27.6 km 1500 1500
4 37.1 km 1800 1900
5 46.3 km 2030 N/A
6 55 km 2300 N/A
7 63.8 km 0130 (15/12) N/A
8 77.9 km 0430 (15/12) N/A
9 88.2 km 0730 (15/12) N/A

Breaking any of the rules may incur a time penalty or disqualification. Any such penalties are at the organizers’ discretion and are final.