1. Will there be names printed on the Race BIB?


2. What is the estimated temperature range that we can expect for this event?

Like much of the world, weather has become less predictable in Hong Kong in recent years. Historically, mid December weather could be expected to be dry and in the 15-20℃ range during the day, with temperatures possibly falling below 10℃ at night on the highest peaks. In recent years, we have seen December days above 25℃ with high humidity, though that is not the most likely case scenario. Rain is unusual in December, but not impossible and that conditions will feel much colder if it rains. Please check weather forecast before the race and make sure to wear appropriate clothing to protect yourself. When we get closer to the race date, we will send email to inform our participants for weather information in HK.

3. If I registered for 100km, and on the race day, I can only make it for 50km, meaning take the
     50km route. Will I still get the 50km medal?

People who drop down on race day from the 100 km race to the 50 km race will still get a finisher medal. However, they will not be eligible to win a1st, 2nd or 3rd category prize in the 50 km race.

4. When will I know I'm qualified for the race?

You will receive a confirmation after we check the credential. We will also publish a list of race entrants to the website in early August once all racer's credentials have been checked.

5. What is the race pack collection arrangement?

Race pack collection will take place the week before the race at a The North Face shop. Race participants will be informed of pick up location details closer to the race.

6. Can I switch from 100km to 50km, or from 50km to 100km after registration?

We will allow switching until September 30th. There is a HK$100 administrative fee for switching. After November 30th we will need to begin production of personally named race bibs so no further switching will be allowed.

7. Can I cancel after registration?

Cancellation is not allowed. Cancellation is only permitted with valid reason subject to the organizer’s approval (which will ordinarily be granted provided that we are able to take a qualified substitute from our waiting list). There will be cancellation fee of HKD$100. All cancellation must be submitted before September 30th.

8. Referring to the rules and regulation about CP4 drop bag, does it mean the participant needs to
     pickup the drop bag from aid station number four and take it throughout the rest of the course
     (from cp 4 to finish point)?

The idea of the drop bag is to make it easy for racers to store some personal food and nutrition items for later in the race rather than having to carry them from the beginning. The same applies to nighttime warmer clothing and is meant to alleviate the need to carry extra weight earlier in the race.

It would be logistically impossible to return everyone's drop bag to the finish point by the time they complete the race. Rather than expecting racers to stay at the finish line for a potentially long time waiting for their drop bag, it is better that racers only leave behind at CP 4 items that they are willing to see disposed. Alternatively, racers may arrange for support teams to meet them at any of the checkpoints to collect items that they no longer wish to carry (other than the mandatory equipment).

9. How about we change clothes at CP4 and leave the dirty clothes and extra supply in the drop
       bag, will the organizer bring the drop bag back to finish point?

Referring to number 9 above, any drop bags left at CP 4 will be disposed of. No exceptions will be made. Racers should arrange for support team members to collect at the checkpoints any personal gear (other than mandatory equipment) that they no longer wish to carry with them.

10. Can I get refund if organizer said I am not qualified to the race?

Yes, we will refund anyone who does not meet the race entry criteria.

11. If I want to sign up as a volunteer, how can I make it?

Please email keith@seyonasia.com. Please provide mobile phone and email contact details and whether you prefer to assist at a checkpoint, do some hiking (forerunning, sweeping, etc.) or both.

12. What if I haven't entered a 50 km or 100 km race in the past three years? Will you consider
       other eligibility criteria.

The purpose of the qualification is to insure that those who enter have the experience and fitness to have a good chance of finishing the race without being cut off. 50 km and 100 km race experience is the most direct comparison, but the organisers will also consider other race experience. Obviously someone who has completed a 100 miler, for example, would be qualified to enter the 100 km race.

Many people have asked about marathon experience as race entry criteria. Generally, we expect that anyone who finishes a marathon in under 5 hours would likely be able to finish a 50 km trail race within each of the checkpoint cut off times. However, completing a marathon does not necessarily suggest to us that the person would finish a 100 km race. We will also consider other races of other distances in assessing qualification.

13. Can I get any points participating in The North Face 100 for Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc® (UTMB) or
       Ultra Trail Mount Fuji (UTMF)?

Yes, we have confirmed that finishers of the 100 km course will get 5 points and finishers of the 50 km course will earn 3 points.

14. Is bag storage provided at the start/finish?


15. Is there any GPS information for each section?

GPS links for each section of the course

TNF 100 GPX file (full course): http://bit.ly/2KCurMG
TNF 100 – 50km & 100km – Section 1(Updated on 24 June 2019): https://bit.ly/2IClHDY
TNF 100 – 50km & 100km – Section 2(Updated on 24 June 2019): https://bit.ly/2Y5wcVG
TNF 100 – 50km & 100km – Section 3(Updated on 24 June 2019): https://bit.ly/2LdMQP2
TNF 100 – 50km & 100km - Section 4: https://bit.ly/2L8YQRU
TNF 100 – 100km - Section 5 first half: https://bit.ly/2Lacww4
TNF 100 – 100km - Section 5 second half: https://bit.ly/2RFv5tv
TNF 100 – 100km - Section 6 and a little of 7: https://bit.ly/2X0ulQm
TNF 100 – 100km - Section 7 finish: https://bit.ly/2Nbx4XI
TNF 100 – 100km - Section 8: https://bit.ly/2X3bNUt
TNF 100 – 100km - Section 9: https://bit.ly/2xh8eux
TNF 100 – 100km - first bit of section 10: https://bit.ly/2xebdnu
TNF 100 – 50km first bit of section 5: https://bit.ly/2xczACg
TNF 100- 50km &100km finishing section: https://bit.ly/2X5B94n
TNF 100 – 50km & 100km last km to the finish line: https://bit.ly/2ZFShKI

16. How to go/leave Tai Mei Tuk?

Going to Tai Mei Tuk
Tai Po Market Rail Station -> Bus75K / Mini Bus 20C  Tai Mei Tuk Bus Terminus
Service Hours
Bus 75K
Tai Po Market Rail Station -> Tai Mei Tuk
First Bus 0605 at 20 minutes interval
Mini Bus 20C
Tai Po Market Rail Station -> Tai Mei Tuk
First Bus 0530 at 5-10 minutes interval

Leaving Tai Mei Tuk
Tai Mei Tuk Bus Terminus -> Bus75K / Mini Bus 20C  Tai Po Market Rail Station

Service Hours
Bus 75K
Tai Mei Tuk -> Tai Po Market Rail Station
Last Bus :2340
Mini Bus 20C
Tai Mei Tuk -> Tai Po Market Rail Station
Last Bus :0100

Tai Po Market Rail Station
Lo Wu bound last train:0051
Hung Hom bound last train:0045

Overnight Bus N271
Fu Heng -> Hung Hom Railway Station
First Bus 0050 26 20 minutes interval, pass through Tai Po Market, Shatin, Kowloon Tong, Yau Ma Tei and Tsimshatsui

Urban Taxis (red taxicabs):9138 9363
New Territories Taxis (green taxicabs):6227 7680

17. Any bowl/cup/bottle/cutlery will be provided in check points?

At the CPs as there will not be any cups nor bowls. We will have congee or instant noodles available, please bring your personal cup!